Lugano Corner Sofa Right Marmolade Fabric Sand

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Introducing the Lugano Corner Sofa, a contemporary classic from the celebrated brand Dôme Deco. This corner sofa merges functional design with aesthetic appeal, created by the acclaimed designer René Holten.

The sofa's sturdy beech wood frame ensures long-lasting support, while its sleek metal legs, with a height of 15cm, add a modern touch and ensure easy cleaning. The fabric, a sophisticated blend of 29% polyester, 25% polyacrylic, 25% wool, and 21% cotton, promises not only durability but also a luxurious texture and warmth.

With a total height of 77cm and a depth of 160cm at the lounge, the Lugano offers a substantial width of 330cm, tapering to 112cm at the lounge end. The armrests, rising to 60cm, are pronounced and add to the sofa’s modern silhouette, while the seat height of 46cm and a seat depth ranging from 59cm to an indulgent 129cm at the lounge, provide ample space for comfort.

The Lugano Corner Sofa is defined by its absence of back cushions and prominent armrests, a design choice that emphasizes its sleek lines and modern look. This sofa is not just a seating option but a statement piece that perfectly complements any living space, offering both comfort and style.

Explore this elegant piece at europedesigns, a webshop that curates a selection of only the finest high-end designs and exclusive items. The Lugano Corner Sofa invites you to experience luxury in its most tangible form, bringing sophisticated design directly into your home.

  • Length: 160 cm
  • Width: 330 cm
  • Height: 77 cm
  • Material: Fabric, Metal
  • Weight: 127 kg
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